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Palm Cove Beach - Palm Cove Queensland - The Official Palm Cove Region Guide


Palm Cove has won many awards as Australia's Cleanest Beach over the years and still today this idylic tropical beach is only littered by the offerings of mother nature over the changing seasons thruought the year.

The picturesque beach (perfect for your wedding reception) located on the coast of Tropical North Queensland is a past winner of the National Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beach Challenge.

The winning beach was named at a gala dinner in Brisbane. Palm Cove managed to beat its biggest competitor, Iluka Bluff Beach in NSW and five other prominent beaches from around the country.

A large contingent of Palm Cove tourism and business operators were in Brisbane for the big announcement and Tourism Palm Cove 's Vice President, Bob Shaw says, the team is over the moon with winning the award.

"We were just happy to be in the running for this prestigious accolade, but to actually be named the best beach in Australia has definitely done us proud," said Mr Shaw.

Keep Australia Beautiful says Palm Cove was given the top honours for a variety of reasons, including its sensitive approach to beachfront development, litter prevention, tree preservation and its unique landscaping style.

But the Tourism Palm Cove board claim they couldn't have done it without the hard work and dedication of the local community, who go out of their way to keep the beach in pristine condition all year round.

"Everyone, from our local council, right through to the business and residential community have played a part in us winning this award. Keeping the beach clean is something we are committed to on a daily basis, even when the judging isn't taking place we have our "green team" program in place, visitors are constantly commenting on how pro-active we are," he said.

Palm Cove has implemented a number of "clean beach" strategies over the past five years including "butt bins", (small film canisters which are given to tourists to dispose of their cigarette butts), a full-time "green team" which works in conjunction with the many businesses at the beach to keep the area rubbish free, and a comprehensive range of literature including maps, brochures and restaurant guides to keep visitors abreast of all the relevant services in Palm Cove.