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Palm Cove Tours - Palm Cove Queensland

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Palm Cove Day Tours Sightseeing and Attractions - Palm Cove Queensland Australia

Due to the convenient geographic location of Palm Cove in Queensland Australia sitting just about in the middle of Cairns city and Port Douglas guests on holiday in this tranquil beachside village can choose to do any of the multitudes of Great Barrier Reef day tours and sightseeing activities on offer with day tour operator companies picking you up by coach and returning you to your Palm Cove holiday accommodation every day of the year for your convenience and enjoyment.

Quick Search Tours from Palm Cove

Family Day Tours from Palm Cove - Visit Cairns Wildlife Parks and Zoos

Whether you are a tiny tot or not Palm Cove has a tour or sightseeing attraction for all the family to enjoy. From breakfast with the Koalas at the Hartley's Crocodile Park where you can give them a cuddle and have a photograph taken with them in your arms to lunch with lorikeets at the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas. Palm Cove is a family friendly holiday destination and caters to all children's age groups and capabilities.

Visit Cairns Great Barrier Reef From Palm Cove

If you would like to take the family out snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef then there is a tour to suit your family and the floating pontoon tours are sometimes the best as they have all the toys for the family to be happy and safe.

Some Great Barrier Reef tour boats specially cater for the family market and have the correct size floatation vests, pool noodles and masks to suit little faces. They also have specially allocated swimming and paddling enclosures for those children that are not quite ready to float around in the sea and on the larger Great Barrier Reef tours you can even take your babies pram on board.

Visiting islands or sand cays in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef is also a good option to consider for families as the little ones and the grandparents can just wade into the water at their leisure and not be stuck on a boat all day.

Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas Agincourt Great Barrier Reef Outer Barrier Reef from Port Douglas

Outer Barrier Reef Pontoons are also a perfect fit for families as they have all the toys out on the reef such as semi-submersible submarines, glass bottom boats, underwater observatories along with all the correct fitting masks, goggles and snorkels for the little ones.

Some Great Barrier Reef Pontoons even have an enclosed swimming pool for the wee little one's to paddle around in and have some fun and are perfect for non-swimmers.

Unfortunately no Great Barrier Reef tour boats pick you up from the Palm Cove jetty but they do pick you up from your Palm Cove holiday hotel or resort by coach and take you to either Cairns or Port Douglas for your day on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Outer Barrier Reef from Port Douglas

Cairns and Palm Cove Day Tours for Thrill Seekers

If your older children are out for some holiday action and adrenaline adventure tours then they can go River Tubing or White Water Rafting, Quad Biking thru rainforests and billabongs, Horse Riding on the beach, Bungy Jumping, Skydiving, Scuba Diving, feeding sharks, or swimming with whales on the Cairns or Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns and Palm Cove is well known as the thrill seekers full on adventure destination for intrepid travelers and backpackers from the world over looking to push their courage to the absolute limits.

If you're into this sort of thing then make sure you get it on film as either no-one will believe you were brave enough to do it or you just want to re-live the enjoyment all over again at your leisure.

There is a huge range of adventurous Cairns and northern beaches tours and activities waiting for you and your family in Palm Cove and the surrounding area. Private Charter Day Tours from Palm Cove

White Water Rafting in Cairns Hot Air Balooning onthe Cairns Tablelands Private Helicopter Tours

If peace and privacy is what you are after on your Palm Cove holiday and you want to get around with only your closest and dearest as company then you should consider doing some private charter day touring options like chartering a luxury yacht or motor cruiser to explore the Great Barrier Reef at leisure or a four wheel drive tour of the rainforest and outback with a local driver that can impart their knowledge and history of the region and its inhabitants.

Private charter day tour options from Palm Cove range from Scenic Helicopter touring for small groups or large groups, sole charter of a boat for a days snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, ATV Quad biking in the mountains, chartering an aircraft and spending the day on Lizard Island swimming in the Blue Lagoon with your private charter group.

Palm Cove has so many more private day touring options to offer.

For more Private Charter options see the local experts at The Tour Specialists or call 1300 780 806 and let them arrange the perfect private charter touring options for you and your guests.

Palm Cove Half Day Tours

Due to Palm Coves unique geographic location half day tours are easily done with only short distances of travel to get you to your half day tour departure point. Some half day tour options can commence even before the sun rises if you choose to go hot air ballooning or rafting out to islands just of the Palm Cove beachfront.

Other Palm Cove half day tours commence at more respectable times like the morning, afternoon or even evening. Take a half day trip out to Green Island for a quick dip on the Great Barrier Reef, take a helicopter out to a sand cay for a snorkel, go fishing in the estuary to catch that elusive Barramundi for dinner, go horse riding along the beach, have a delightful spa treatment, go bungy jumping, have breakfast with Australia's largest pride of lions.

These are only some of the half day touring options for you from Palm Cove. Have a look here for a lot more day tour options from Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove. Palm Cove Kuranda and Daintree Rainforest Tours

Cuddle a Koala Half Day tour to Green Island Half Day Tour to see the Crocodiles

Visiting Kuranda from Palm Cove is very easy as you can be picked up from your Palm Cove hotel or resort by coach and taken back towards Cairns to a place called Freshwater to meet the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

You will be issued with a train ticket and a Skyrail ticket and a return coach transfer back to your holiday accommodation which is nice and easy.

Should you have your own hire car you can do a Kuranda self drive but you will still need to pre-book for this to engage the coach transfer between the Kuranda Scenic Rail and the Skyrail service back to your car.

Half Day rainforest tour in an Army Duck

The Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation Rainforest is one of the worlds most precious and beautiful scenic locations that were saved from the bulldozers in the early eighties by forward thinking greenies.

Scientists from all over the world regularly visit this valuable natural resource and gather information for new medicines, undiscovered wildlife species and tourists now just come to view the splendor of it all.

Daintree and Cape Tribulation day tour operators can pick you up from your Palm Cove holiday accommodation and show you all the highlights of the region in one day.

You can self drive to the Daintree but you really do miss out on seeing the icons and learning all about the significance, importance and interesting history of the region and its inhabitants.

If you do self drive then make sure you watch the Sir Richard Attenborough special on his journey to Cape Tribulation before you go.

Palm Cove Wedding Groups Pre-Post Touring

It's so much more fun when wedding groups and groups of friends can all go on day tours together from Palm Cove in Queensland, and the big bonus is you can even save lots of money when you travel in groups.

Contact the Palm Cove Wedding and Group Touring specialists on 1300 780 806 for some ideas. Wedding groups receive discounts on hotels, resorts and self contained holiday apartment accommodation and day tours.

Kuranda Scenic Rail and Skyrail Gondola Day Tours

Listed as one of the top 3 most popular tours in Cairns, Palm Cove and Tropical North Queensland is a visit to Kuranda the village in the rainforest on top of the Macalister Range National Park Mountains.

The most popular and scenic way to reach the village and then return is by the beautifully restored Kuranda train and Scenic Railway or the Skyrail Rainforest Gondola.

When travelling by train you can choose to purchase an upgrade to the Gold Class carriage and have beverages and snacks served along the way in the more comfortable club carriage seats.

On the Skyrail Gondola you can now also upgrade to an all glass floor gondola and if you are game, even an open air gondola, something definitely not for the faint hearted.

For those guests who have a rental car you may also self-drive to the Smithfield Sky Rail departure station or you can depart from the Kuranda Scenic Railway station at Freshwater.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway

This beautiful old train departs the Freshwater station twice daily heading up the mountain ranges towards the village of Kuranda. Passing majestic cascading waterfalls, deep granite gorges and lace clad mountains and dark tunnels that were originally hand cut thru the mountains by men in the years beginning 1886.

These men toiled for many years and subsequently a lot of lives were lost due to illness and work place accidents in the harsh unrelenting jungle with its swamp like surroundings combined with the forceful tropical heat making life for the workers very difficult.   

Today the train journey takes you thru some of the most scenic parts of Tropical North Queensland whilst you sit back relax and listen to the interesting history of the rail lines construction over the carriage speakers and learn about the region and its indigenous inhabitants. 

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Skyrail Gondola

On the 31st August 1995 the Skyrail gondola’s ribbon was officially cut and the world’s longest gondola cableway was opened to tourists from the world over to experience the joy of gliding just inches from the tops of the giant World Heritage rainforests below whilst heading up to the village of Kuranda.   

In its first year of operation Skyrail was constantly booked out carrying 300 people per hour so in April 1996 Skyrail announced plans to increase the available gondola numbers to a further 67 to meet the increasing demands from tourists and tour companies.

This then increased the carrying capacity to 700 people per hour.

In March 2002 Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took a trip on Skyrail up to Kuranda and spent some time in the rainforests at Red Peak Station.

In November 2013 the ever evolving team at Skyrail then introduced 11 Diamond View glass floor gondolas that cater for 5 brave travellers at a time.  These Diamond View glass floor gondolas have now become the most requested and most popular gondolas in probably the world. 

Both Skyrail and the Kuranda Scenic Railway are recognised as multi award winning tourist attractions for not only Queensland but also Australia.

If you have a rental car in Palm Cove you may wish to drive yourself to the Smithfield Skyrail terminal or you may book a coach pick up from your hotel accommodation.